Billy The Goat

Billy The Goat Book Series

Billy the Goat is certainly a curious kid and, with the help of his parents and some trusted adults, he gets to explore different jobs like electrician, baker, firefighter, dentist and scientist. He learns many important lessons along the way, such as how important it is to follow instructions, having courage, helping others and asking questions when you don’t understand something. This children’s book series is perfect for any parent wanting to teach their children basic life lessons in a fun and interesting way.
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Ben Banana Book Series

ZIP! BOOM! BANG! Watch out because Ben Banana of Bananaville is getting into his Bananamobile to save the town from all sorts of doom. In this series of lovable children’s books, Ben takes on Dr. Gloom, Freddy Fungus and his Ninja fruit flies, and even the good-turned-evil mayor of Bananaville! Kids love this yellow, super cool superhero, and don’t be surprised if your child starts trying to make his banana fly through the air! The twists and turns in the Ben Banana stories will have your kid begging for you to read it again and again!
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Rhoda Book Series

Rhoda the Rhino – Coming Soon!
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