Billy The Goat


Billy The Goat Helps his Father

It’s summer vacation and it’s the perfect time for Billy the Goat to go to work with his dad for the day. In this adventure, Billy gets to be with his electrician dad for the day at the building of a new home. He learns about the importance of electricity … and about being safe around it. Later, he gets a surprise when he tries to eat something that is not food!


Billy The Goat Bakes

What kid wouldn’t want to go to a bakery to find out how everything is made … and to sample the goodies? In this adventure, Billy the Goat gets to hang out with Zebra the baker for the whole day and, yes, he has to get up bright and early! By the end of a full day of baking, Billy ends up learning some important lessons about following instructions and asking questions when you don’t understand something.


Billy The Goat Meets A Hero

What better way to spend a summer day than at the local fire station, learning about the job of a firefighter? In this adventure, Billy the Goat gets to hang out with Charlie the Chimp, a firefighter and hero. Charlie teaches Billy that the “average” day in the life of a firefighter is about a whole lot more than just putting out fires. Later, Billy is taught an important lesson about courage and the meaning of being a true hero.


Billy The Goat Meets The Dentist

What kid wouldn’t enjoy working alongside a dentist for the day? In this adventure, Terry the Giraffe, the helper of the local dentist, shows Billy the Goat around the dental office. Billy learns a little bit about X-rays, special dental equipment and germs. Billy learns that being a dentist is about a whole lot more than just teeth … it’s about making patients feel comfortable and unafraid.


Billy The Goat Meets a Scientist

It’s a rainy day, and Professor Mole’s laboratory is ready to be explored! In this adventure, Billy the Goat gets an idea of what a scientist does all day, including studying bacteria and testing theories with experiments. After a mishap, Billy soon finds out that a big part of learning is letting someone know when you don’t understand. In the end, Billy helps out with an exciting discovery!