Ben Banana

Sidebar_1 Ben Banana Saves the Day

Ben Banana Saves The Day

Ben Banana of Bananaville is the local superhero who takes out the bad guys and keep the town safe. Take a peek inside his exciting life full of banana burgers, banana splits and banana sunglasses. Is there anything that’s not made out of bananas?! Ride along with Ben for a super fun time as he hops into his Bananamobile to fight some crime!

2 Blender of Doom Thumb

Ben Banana The Blender Of Doom

Look out! It’s Dr. Gloom’s Blender of Doom! It can take down the walls of buildings and will surely wreak havoc on Bananaville. But never fear because Ben Banana sees the giant “B” in the sky and is here to handle Dr. Gloom and his money-hungry minions. You’re gonna love the way Ben Banana defeats Dr. Gloom this time!

3 Ninja_Fruit Flies Thumb

Ben Banana Fights The Ninja Fruit Flies

On the evening of the festival of the Great Fruit Lights, the police chief of Bananaville begs Ben Banana to help him deal with some pesky Ninja fruit flies. This time Freddy Fungus is behind the mayhem, and as always, Ben Banana comes up with a great plan to foil Freddy and his Ninja fruit fly army. Ben saves the day in a creative way!

4 Evil Peel Thumb

Ben Banana Evil Peel

Ben the Banana is enjoying a lazy day at home when the major of Bananaville gives him a call, alerting him to some crazy happenings at the local shopping mall. Soon, two police officers show up Ben’s pad, accusing him of being behind the chaos. How will Ben prove his innocence? And could the mayor be behind this evil plan?

5 major mayor failure thumb

Ben Banana Major Mayor Failure

Oh, no! Ben the Banana discovers that the mayor of Bananaville has an evil plan to build the world’s biggest banana peel wheel, which could cause all sorts of bad situations. How will Ben stop his old friend the mayor, who has now turned bad? How will he save Bananaville this time? This story is a real cliffhanger!

5 major mayor failure thumb

Ben Banana The Collection

The Ultimate collection of Ben Banana adventures! All the Ben Ben Banana titles in one book!